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Generation Zero: Mixtapes collectibles location and details

Name X Y Desc
Chaos Rug 2612.5 2622.2 Chaos Rug is a melodic metal jazz band. They have it all - a thought-provoking name, saturated guitars, the improvised saxophone solos, the "don't do it at home" singing, the long red hair and beard, and just a pinch of cheesiness.
Jane + James' Dino-Mite Wedding Mix 1792.4 3349.0 A mixtape of love songs and dance hits, played at Jane and James' wedding reception.
Towes Träningspass -264.8 2042.0 "Towe's Workout" is written on the label.
Top Fun -686.7 2011.2 This is the ultimate compilation of the best pop and rock hits.
Apostolic Band 3557.6 2333.0 A new metal duo from Romania that just embarked on their first World Tour, starting with 3 dates in Sweden.
Language tape -3004.7 3094.1 A government-approved home-learning cassette, teaching new arrivals the finer points of the Swedish language.
Unrequited love -5622.5 4362.9 The label says "Will you go out with me?" Probably a tape that a teenager made for their teenage crush.
Dala(f)häst -584.6 319.2 A very popular Swedish "schlager" band, they play the kind of music you won't admit liking, but will secretly tap your foot to in a village fest together with your old uncle.
Play me -38.6 -805.3 The label says: "Play me on the 10th of July."
Carl Vråla 89.3 -2159.1 Carl Vråla is a very famous Swedish pop singer-songwriter. He's sold millions of records and has fans all over Sweden, which is a feat in a country with a population of less than 10 million.
Chouchou 958.2 -65.3 The label is written in French and German: "Greg + Yvi - Wedding party!"
Call of the Wild 2917.3 -1493.1 The kind of mixtape you should play really loudly in your car for an awesome Monday morning commute to work. German hard rock, British glam rock, Scandinavian metal and some 70s American prog rock for good measure.
Till Lillbrallan -5329.4 666.0 The label reads: "To Tiny Pants"
Monika Byström's mixtape -4394.1 -573.1 The label says: "Monika and Tomas - Our own favorite spot / 1985".
Veronika Nilsson's birthday mixtape -2291.8 -2006.1 The label says: "Happy birthday, Veronika! Love, Olle". The mixtape is apparently one of the only things she kept after she and Olle broke up.
Fredrik Holberg's mixtape -847.7 -4494.3 The label reads: "Fredrik Holberg's hiking mix".
Svante Von Ulmer's mixtape -268.0 -4245.8 The label reads "Ingrid's new music mix for Svante - AT LAST!"
Emil Sandberg's radio hits 598.9 -3710.9 The label reads: "Swedish Charts 1989 / Emil's Radio Hits"
Anita Sjögren's mixtape 2494.2 -3865.3 The label reads: "Guilty Pleasure Songs (play ONLY in case of emergency)"
Ingrid Granqvist's mixtape 1551.0 -3111.1 The label reads: "Ingrid and Bert / Silver wedding"
Galne Max - Ljudbok / Inläsare: R Rodriguez 2181.4 -3295.1 The label says "Crazy Max - Audiobook / Read by: R Rodriguez"
Pets playtime! 570.7 791.5 The label says it all.