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Generation Zero: Dalahästar collectibles location and details

Name X Y Desc
Classic Dala Horse 3314.4 2402.6 A bright red Dala horse with a harness in blue and white. This traditional style has become the most widespread in modern times, and has even come to symbolize Sweden in general.
Black Dala Horse 140.0 2775.9 A black Dala horse with a white and gold harness. Dala horses (also known as Dalecarlian horses) were originally carved in houses in the Swedish province of Dalecarlia.
Blue Dala Horse -836.2 2028.2 A blue Dala horse.
Green Dala Horse -3306.8 3842.3 A green Dala horse.
Orange Dala Horse -810.2 263.0 An orange Dala horse.
Pink Dala Horse -258.7 1510.0 A pink Dala horse.
Purple Dala Horse 608.6 115.9 A purple Dala horse.
Red Dala Horse 2345.9 -1976.4 A red Dala horse.
Dead Dala Horse -4239.1 -822.0 A dead Dala horse. This Dala horse style can come in handy for teachers in biology class.
Sverige Dala Horse -2921.6 -2049.5 A Dala horse proudly sporting the national colors of Sweden.
Tan Dala Horse -938.1 -4466.0 A tan Dala horse.
Emblem Dala Horse -1855.7 -4329.7 A Dala horse reminiscent of the national emblem of Sweden.
White Dala Horse 2533.9 -3337.1 A white Dala horse.
Yellow Dala Horse 1581.6 -4195.8 A yellow Dala horse.