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Generation Zero: Signs of a Resistance collectibles location and details

Name X Y Desc
Wall-Trembling Sounds 933.8 -2120.2 Hello friend! Thank you for stopping by our home - even if we’re not here to meet you right now!

If you have the time, please consider staying a while and we might be back. The kids always talk about when they’ll meet “The Champions'' again (you should hear the superhero stories they’ve come up with about all of you! Our favorite is probably when “Old Riikka: Champion of Potatoes and Earth” stared at the ground so determinedly that seven hundred potatoes plopped up all at the same time - such a nice superpower to have!). So don’t be a stranger! We’ll find something nice for you to snack on while listening to our kids’ stories; that's a promise.

But we also have some questions for all of you who travel more than we do. Have you seen any signs that more machines might be coming into the area? It used to be really quiet here, but now we hear them all through the night, waking the kids with those wall-trembling sounds. If you have any further information, we need to know about it.

We would hate to leave just as the kids have actually started to laugh and play again. Those teenagers using a boombox to lure the machines to the old barn and shoot them almost had us running, but they apparently knew what they were doing and got all the machines killed; we survived that, just as we survived the initial chaos of this place. Life has actually been pretty good lately before the sounds started. Little Nikoli was so happy when he got to eat a whole can of pineapple for his birthday, you should have seen him!

We’re not as mobile as others, so know that we’re counting on you to tell us what you know.
All the best, Marja (and Fredrik, Rubert, Nikoli and Sofia)
Glaring Into a Forest 1005.6 -1999.3 Fredrik here. Going to keep a lookout. As usual.

Another day spent looking at Nikoli and Sofia play rather than glaring into a forest empty of machines. Next time we do assignments, I’ll make them understand how bad I am at this and maybe I won’t have to be the one to go away anymore. I bet Marja would do great up here! She’s way more disciplined than I am but I can be just as good with the kids as she is.

Saw Nikoli fall and scrape his knee today. Neither Marja nor Rubert were even there to comfort him! Poor lad.

Machines! I saw them move up the road to the east! That’s it, I’m getting out of here.
Purified Water 1969.9 -2198.0 1 February
Welcome to our Water Purification Station.
Feel free to take some of the cans with purified water even if we might not be here (we mostly stay at our farm nearby). We may not be as strong as we once were, though Mona insists she was the top arm wrestler in Skåne back in the day, and I might just believe her as she still carries water cans like a 25 year old, and we might not be out shooting machines like you youths are, but there’s still a lot of things we can do to contribute to this Resistance thing that we’ve heard about. So make sure to use this water station as much as you want. We will see to it so there’s always clean water here for you. And drink a lot of water as well, you need your strength after all.

Additional note: Make sure to ONLY TAKE THE CANS UNDER THE TARP, where the bikes are. DO NOT TAKE THE CANS FROM THE BEACH, they are not purified yet. (Please DO NOT go inside the tent, we sometimes sleep there and wish to keep it private).

/Riikka, Börje and Mona (and Layla)

7 March
We are so sorry, Layla. We had to leave.
Since you left for your hunting trip, the machines have started using the nearby road day and night. We cannot even light a fire anymore. They are too close and we are no fighters, even though I sure think I could take a couple of them out with the old rifle. But Börje is right of course, better safe than sorry. And if it came to running, I have no illusions about my limitations. And…. I know that you’re a capable girl, my dear. We do not want to abandon you like this. You’re still part of this little family. Come look for us near the lakes further south. We will wait for you there, with fresh water and hopefully a new and even better farm. Take care.
You Will Find Us 2137.2 -1747.8 8 March
It is time to move again. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t make me tired. You’d think I’d learn to not grow attached to the places where we settle down, but no. Not Riikka. I’m a tree. I plant my roots firm in the ground and then it hurts to move. When all of this is over, I will settle down in a nice little cabin and spend the rest of my retirement drinking coffee and not moving an inch. As it was supposed to be.

Börje and Mona are salvaging what seeds we can bring and I am looking through what we can take from the caravan (we could of course take the whole thing with us, if they both wouldn’t be so paranoid about making noise, but no. Not even that).

And Layla, my dear, I know that you will find us. I’ll make sure to save up for a proper feast when you do, we’ll make it as spicy as it can be, my darling. Let’s hope the southern lakes, away from this godforsaken mountain, can house us longer. Take care out there, my hunter girl.

Still Family 1652.2 -1435.5 13 February
I will use this place to write down any observations I make while fishing or hunting in the area. Maybe you (whoever you are) will find it useful. I hope so. If you want to contact me and can’t find me here, I’m either out hunting or at the farm up north with the old people helping out however I can (not that they particularly need my help, but they seem happy to get it anyways, so I keep going there for some reason). You can come there if you need food, btw. They are growing it for whoever might need it (don’t let Riikka scare you, she just wants people to do things a certain way, she means no harm with it).

15 February
Captured two decent perches today. Riikka will be happy, she sang a whole song for me the last time I brought perch.
Think there might be pike spawning. Can see splashing in the weeds.

17 February
Saw some machines while out hunting today. Came back to check on the old folks, but they hadn’t heard anything and Börje just started fretting, so I needn’t have worried. Have to stop worrying, lost a whole day making the trip back too early.

6 March
Caught three roaches in a lake south of here. Two of them smaller than I’d normally keep, but I can’t bring myself to throw away food anymore. I hope you forgive me, Grandpa.

10 March
They left without me.
I can tell that Riikka was feeling guilty. They still did it though. I mean, it makes sense. I don’t blame them. I just thought they would be different. They always talked about how happy they were that I found them. How we were family. Well. I guess we’re the kind of family who leaves each other behind. Still family, I guess... And God, what if a machine comes and they have no closeby place to hide, Börje must be beside himself with worry by now. I guess I have to forgive them sooner rather than later. If they’re travelling, they might actually need me for a change.

Anything You Need 1749.4 -2846.8 19 January, Protection Section 001, Katja Järvinen, Supply Mission

Friend, you have found one of our little resource stations! You can take anything you need from here. It’s meant to help in your continued survival, so don’t be shy! We are a (growing!) group who have come together to help each other fight back against the machines. If you feel that you are up to it, we would love to have you join our ranks! Everyone is welcome!

We have several groups scattered around this area, but our main bases are at Leräng (SE), Lerberget (SE), and Littorp (NE). If you ever want to contact us but don’t know how to find us, use a bottle like this one with the Resistance symbol and someone is sure to find it sooner or later. This way we can exchange information even if we can’t meet face to face, and the machines won’t decipher it as easily as over radio!

If you ever need more supplies and are in this area, you can always come check this stash again. We will replenish it as often as we can. Bye and hope to see you soon!

//Katja Järvinen
We Promised Them Protection 2645.8 -2969.4 9 March, Protection Section 001, Ousmane Adebayo, Southern Look Out.

This is the third day that I’ve observed heightened machine activity by the mountain. Commander Ström has restricted almost all of us to stay at camp for now. The machines are building something, just like Maria said they sometimes do. I guess I was stupid for believing they wouldn’t be coordinated enough to do that. We need to contact the groups we’ve been helping. It might not be safe to stay here.

10 March
Base camp have tried contacting Protection Section 003, stationed at Leräng, but there’s no response and there're too many machines roaming around to risk a trip there. We all know they would think the same as us though: we need to get rid of these machines and whatever they’re building. Otherwise the civilians we’ve helped will die or be forced to flee. We promised them protection, now it’s time to live up to that promise. We cannot hide and stockpile forever and I will not listen to those who want to go down that cowardly route.

12 March
Still no contact with the Leräng Section. It is up to us to make this area safe. Commander Ström finally has everyone preparing for the fight and Maria went to get more fighters from Dammtorp. We are a bit low on seasoned soldiers, but the teenagers are good at fighting. It will be good for them to learn a bit more about coordinated attacks.

The camp has been attacked. Not sure how many we lost. Think most of us managed to flee. Machines everywhere. Like they knew what we were planning. We have to fall back, try to regroup somewhere else. I will try to spread the word. Don’t stay in this area as long as the machines hold that mountain, they will see you. Godspeed.
Protect the Civilians 2220.2 -3300.3 13 March, Protection Section 001, Maria S, Mission Gather the Troops

Hey. So, uhm, I guess that if you came here looking for me, you’ve been wondering why I never came back. Which is totally reasonable. And... I just hope that you all don’t hate me. You are my friends, gosh, you are the only ones I have left. But I couldn’t lead these people to their deaths.

I arrived at location Dammtorp without problem only to find 4 wounded, and 3 missing (went on a supply run and didn’t come back, they say). This group is NOT fit to join the assault on the machines at the mountain. The 2 fully healthy adults are needed to tend to the others in the group and cannot be spared for a dangerous mission.

We are currently hiding in the cave close to the house as a tank patrols the field outside. Hiding and listening to those heavy footsteps is taking its mental toll on these people. Gosh, on me as well. But we gotta stay smart, and there’s a boy here really good at telling the most comforting little stories. Listening to him makes this accursed world disappear and I cannot describe to you how good that feels. We should seriously consider tasking someone in each camp with being a storyteller. I know I would love to hear what noble stories you’d come up with, Ousmane.

As soon as the tank moves on, I’m taking these people to the boats to travel down the lake. I will stay with them as long as they need me. Our highest priority should be to protect the civilians after all, as you always go on about, Ousmane. So that’s what I’m doing. Please don’t hate me. I will pray that you only go through with the attack if you think you have an ACTUAL chance of surviving it. Don’t do anything too heroic.

/Maria S

Lie Low 3181.4 -1922.4 11 March
Welcome to our temporary and now abandoned home, stranger. There might still be some books left in the boathouse (all worthy your time, I promise you!). Maybe some of the barricades are even standing. Here, you can even do your business close to the group without prying eyes - something the teenagers have been insisting on - so maybe you will also find comfort in this.

My former students (now proficient survivors) and I felt the need to move on. Don’t stay too long in one place, am I right? There’s a larger group of survivors if you follow the water up north. They’re quite focused on fighting back. They take in anyone who wants to join them and promise protection from larger threats. We’ve also heard of a group in Lerberget Town. Lots of fighting back there as well. Building little armies and what not. Two of my students are going there as I write this; no matter how risky, this “fighting back” apparently seems worth it.

I guess I shouldn’t complain about the fact that people are trying to organize some kind of resistance. I am a good shot myself, and sure, I do feel the thrill of adrenaline when taking down one of those killing machines. But I can’t help thinking that they are all running toward their deaths. Better to lie low and focus on survival than risk gathering a lot of people at the same place. But I ramble. I tend to do that, missing the time when I got to talk my heart out in front of young minds each day. I never knew how much I actually liked being a teacher. But, anyway. Get to the point, as they say. And the point is? Do I even have a point? Don’t fight back? I can’t stand behind that… So... just be careful, I guess. Think before your act, and think smart. We need you to survive. And grab a book to read so you have something to look forward to, it might do you more good than you realise.

//Anders Molander, Geography and Hunting Teacher, Fellow Human

Make the Machines Go Boom! 2465.5 -1508.9 Hey Anders! I’m writing a note like I promised! Me and Mila arrived here in Lerberget without any trouble. You didn’t need to worry, just like I told you!
And also, hey to anyone else who reads this. We’re trying to communicate with these bottle things so that you will know what we’re up to and stuff. You should do it too! It’s actually quite nice to find bottles from other people you didn’t know were out here.

So, Aamiina of The Resistance here. Recently joined and eager to fight, if you wanted to know!! We got the letter from Elsa yesterday, and man are we ready to do this. It feels so good to know that there are like, more people out there, and they’re working together with us, making plans and stuff. Everyone in The Resistance is super friendly! Even Elsa seems like a super cool leader and ALSO a nice person! I hope to meet her and the others once we carry out this mission!

We’re preparing to leave for Leräng, get the explosives, and make the machines go boom! We leave tomorrow, so come see us at the mountain when it’s OURS!!!!

Baaad neeeeews! A stupid biggie machine monster thingy came in the night and just blew our house right up!!! Thank God the others had placed lots of land mines so we had time to get out of there and could take it out. But man, it was CHAOS. I don’t even know if the others survived or not, and there’s like, still machines patrolling or whatever they’re even doing. It’s like they came here looking for us, stupid monster machines!

Whoever finds this note, if you’re in better condition than I am right now (that would be if your legs are uninjured enough to run), you need to carry out the mission! Please. We were going to make this place an actual home for people, with a real base, and like, communication stuff! Please, even Elsa is counting on you, we need to make the stupid machines pay for this!

//Aamiina, forever a resistance fighter